The Senior Love Life

seniors in love

Trying to become pregnant as a senior with no success can be very frustrating for both men and women alike.  This journey can be very emotional. A fertility specialist can see the big picture and treat both men and women in their quest to become senior parents. Many couples will seek the services of a fertility clinic in order to help achieve and maintain a successful pregnancy.  However, it is important that the couple selects the right fertility clinic for them.  This means a facility that is not only highly successful in helping couples achieve a healthy pregnancy, but one that understands their senior care needs and has a good rapport. Not to mention that fertility treatments and tests can cost thousands of dollars and couples should invest their money wisely.

Finding a Reputable Fertility Treatment Center

baby imageNo one wants to become the next statistic or news headline about an embryo that was implanted in the wrong mother or a dispute over eggs that have been frozen.  This means couples should look into the ethics and quality control processes in place at the fertility clinics they are considering. Couples can also ask other couples who have gone through fertility treatments, their primary care doctors, their OBGYNs, and even their insurance companies to get referrals to the best fertility clinics in their area with the most senior care experience.

When talking to a fertility clinic about possibly becoming a patient there, many questions should be asked, such as:

  • How long as the medical director been in his or her position at the clinic?
  • How high is staff turnover? How long have the doctors and technicians been there? A lot of staff turnover is a bad sign.
  • Which procedures does your clinic perform? The couple should seek clinics that are performing up-to-date procedures with the latest technologies, such as a blastocyst transfer.
  • Are there age limits for treatment at your clinic? Clinics should set age limits as a part of their ethical processes.
  • Who decides how many fertilized eggs will be implanted in the mother? Clinics who give complete control to the doctor should be avoided, due to the high risk of multiple births. This should be a decision made between the doctor and the involved parties.
  • How many cycles per year do you do? There are some clinics that have so many patients and treat them during multiple menstrual cycles, each patient ends up feeling like a number.

What are the Financial Responsibilities?

How much does treatment usually cost? The choice should not be based solely on price, but it should be a factor of consideration. Couples need to know what they are getting into on the financial end of the process. Clinics who offer a guarantee of money back if no pregnancy is achieved should be looked at with caution, as the infertility specialist may treat couples more aggressively than they want to be treated.

Additionally, if the couple calls the fertility treatment center and the staff is too busy to answer their questions or return phone calls, they will likely be too busy for them as a patient as well.

Brushing Up On Some Senior Dental Care Tips

old ladyMy dental history has been a crazy one over the past 80 years. I’ve had fillings, crowns, tooth decay, and now I’m left with this wonderful set of dentures. I thought I was doing a good job, but obviously not. Dental hygiene was not enforced as well as it is these days when I was young and we also didn’t have fluoride running through our potable water systems to help prevent tooth decay. I come here today not to tell a story of how I recovered from my terrible dental past, but how you can help yourself by maintaining a healthy dental hygiene routine.

Establish a Proper Dental Hygiene Routine

dentist workThe first step to having a healthy smile is to visit a family dentistry every six months for a check-up. Make sure that it has many cosmetic dentists on board, which isn’t a problem if you live in Richmond, VA. There are so many great family dentistries around. This is where I may have messed up. In my case, I would miss many appointments which would mean I was missing out on my cleanings that would clear out harmful tartar, plaque, and bacteria. This brings me to my next point, cleaning your mouth out. It’s important to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. This clears away all of that harmful bacteria and plaque that I was talking about. It is also suggested to use a mouthwash, like Listerine, to further aid in the cleaning process. When brushing, make sure  you angle the toothed brush at a 45-degree angle and do soft and small strokes. This will clean while not inducing gum recession or irritation. For bad breath make sure to brush your tongue as well. Some toothbrushes come with a tongue scrubber on the other side.

Any Dental Pain?

If you have any sensitivity to extreme temperatures of if you are experiencing pain then make sure to re-visit your dentist. It could be a number of things that could be wrong. These could include:

  • Tooth Fracture
  • Tooth Decay
  • Abscessed Tooth
  • Infected Gums
  • Cancer
  • Lost Fillings
  • Grinding Teeth Through the Day or Night
  • Nerve Damage
  • Gum Recession

Just remember. The faster you check in to your Richmond VA cosmetic dentistry office, the faster they can help you out with your dental care emergency!

Proper Diet

One of the most important things that can help you prevent many of these problems is to not expose your teeth to the things that are damaging them. By reducing your sugar and acidity intake, you can make a world of difference. The high acidic foods eat away at your enamel, making it easier to damage the tooth. The high sugar foods allow for bacteria growth, which can also form cavities that can aid to tooth decay. If you do ingest these foods, then make sure to brush right after so you can wipe them out of existence.

I hope my little dental chat has helped you out and brings you build a stronger smile. Brush on!


Brady and Me

boxer mixAfter my husband passed away two years ago, I just didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. I had just retired from my job at the hospital and was spending all my days and nights inside. And once Bill passed, I was absolutely defeated and depressed. Most days I couldn’t wake up before noon, and on the days that I did, I just spent the entire morning posted up in front of the television. I felt like I no longer had anything to live for — I mean, there I was, almost 67 years old, my best friend and life partner of 45 years all of a sudden gone. I just wanted to live the rest of my days quietly, alone, and at peace. That’s exactly when I saw the ad in the newspaper for the local shelter.

The ad offered a waived adoption fee for seniors adopting senior dogs. So I thought “What the heck?” I hadn’t been out of the house in days, and maybe going for a walk to the SPCA up the street would do me some good. So I headed to the shelter, and then immediately fell in love with the next love of my life. He was an adorable boxer mix named Brady, and was about eight years old. One of the staff members at the shelter told me Brady ended up there when his owner died, and no other family member was able to take him in. I knew that Brady and I had a profound connection — it was meant to be. I signed all the papers, and later that afternoon, Brady came home with me.

Today, two years later, Brady and I are as close of friends as ever. Bill’s passing hasn’t gotten any easier for me, but it helps to have Brady around, wagging his tail whenever I’m feeling down. At ten years old, he’s getting a little up there in age. And so am I — I can no longer pick up after him in the yard, so I finally gave in and had the DoodyCalls pooper scoopers come by to clean up. But he still acts just like a puppy, and gives me a reason to get up every morning to feed him and take him for a walk. I just don’t know what I would do without my Brady! If you are a lonely senior in need of a companion, consider visiting your local shelter to see if there’s a senior dog or cat also in need of some tender love and care.

Dating as a Divorced Senior

seniors datingWhen my husband and I divorced, I was 56 years old. Our children were already finished with college and had careers and lives of their own, so after we separated, it was just me living in the house. There I was, a lonely, middle-aged divorcee suddenly hurtled into the single life. We had been married for almost 30 years, so it had been quite a while since I had experienced the dating world. And at my age, I really didn’t think anyone would be interested. As I felt the rapid approach of social security, men my age were experiencing their mid-life crises, buying motorcycles and dating much younger women. I felt old and unattractive, with wrinkles and crow’s feet lining my face where my skin was once smooth and glowing years ago.

But here I am, ten years later – and remarried. Very few people want to talk about senior life and dating. Our society places such an immense value on the sanctity of marriage, and though marriage is sacred, it’s not always definite. Many people seem to believe that you get married when you’re young, and stay married for the rest of your life. Especially in this day and age, this is not always the case. And sometimes you find yourself a newly single senior citizen entering a labyrinthine dating world. I spent a couple years ago, alone in my home, feeling sorry for myself. My adult children would come by every once in a while to check in on me, but apart from that and after so many years of being married, I didn’t know what to do with myself. At the suggestion of a friend, I eventually – and somewhat reluctantly – joined a single seniors group. It ended up being so much fun! We went on cruises together, held golf tournaments, and host dinner parties for each other. I made some great friends. And that’s how I met Ronald.

Ronald was a retired law enforcement officer, only a few years older than me. When we met, we knew it was right. We shared so many of the same interests, and we continued to learn more about each other and laugh over great food and wine. And not too long after we started seeing each other regularly, he absolutely surprised me with this beautiful Richmond engagement ring. We got married at a gorgeous, intimate ceremony downtown, with both my children in attendance, and we’ve been so happy ever since then. If you’re a senior like me, who is recently single and losing hope in your life – just get yourself out there! There are so many community events and groups for seniors who are just trying to meet other people and make the most out of their lives. Have fun!

A Home for My Husband

holding handsLast week Robert and I celebrated our 57th anniversary. Can you believe it? It’s amazing how time flies by. I remember our wedding day just as though it were yesterday – it was the summer of 1958, a sunny, almost miserably hot day. I was so sweaty in my elaborate wedding gown, and I remember the veil sticking to my face as my father walked me down the aisle at the church. I was so anxious, and on top of that worried that everyone could see the sweat soaking through my dress. But Robert says he only remembers how beautiful I looked that day, and that when he lifted the veil from my face, all he could see was the pure look of love in my green eyes. I’m not so sure… after 57 years, his memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be!

A lot’s changed over the years. We were both in our early 20’s when we got married, going on roadtrips with our friends and sleeping under the stars. It was a great time in our young lives, but we couldn’t have been happier when we had our first daughter, Marie. Marie is now a parent herself, and her two younger sisters are also happily married. Together, Robert and I have nurtured and played with our children, raising them to grow into the intelligent, creative young women they are today. We’ve surrounded them with love and stability, and they are living proof of the love Robert and I continue to share for each other. But as we grow yet older, we’ve had to adapt to life’s changes and make several adjustments.

After Robert retired a few years ago after working for almost 40 years as a partner at a law firm, he started spending a lot more time around the house. I’m also retired, so I was home to notice him acting a bit strange. The weird behavior began with not being able to balance the checkbook, and getting confused about how to play some of our favorite board games. Then he started to lose track of what season it was, and sometimes he would forget where he was and get upset. It was so hard to see Robert slip away like that, as if he were becoming a different person. But of course I still loved him and wanted to help him, so I became his full-time caregiver. I’d help him get dressed in the morning, help feed him and take him to the doctor. But after a while, it just became too much for me to handle all on my own. That’s when Marie and I decided to place Robert in an assisted living facility.

The senior home was great. The people there were so helpful and good to Robert. But Robert and I were absolutely miserable living apart, and it wasn’t helping his health any. I’d visit him often, but it hurt not having him around at home. Something had to change. When a friend at our church suggested Seniors Helping Seniors, I felt so hopeful to be able to have my Robert back. They’re a company that provides senior home care in our area, and we quickly got Robert set up with an in-home caregiver who comes by every day to check in on Robert and help him with daily tasks. It’s such a wonderful relief to have Robert back at home with me, and with his senior helper, I have more time to take care of my own health. But most importantly, I have more time to spend with my dear husband, who is doing so much better now knowing how loved and well-taken care of he is.